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Ceramic Coating

In Bangalore, there are only few detailing centers providing impeccable result in Ceramic Coating for automotives and we are little proud to say that we are one among those good reviewed and excellent result providing center in Bangalore. We focus on Quality and Customer fulfillment. The products we use are CarPro Ceramic Coating products which are the pioneers and industry leaders world wide.

As we already know our tropical weather condition.  During rainy season, the roads are waterlogged, slushy filled with bumps and motorists faces extreme difficulty on already rain-ravaged roads. When in summer, it’s really hot and humid with maximum temperature so there are high chances of paint getting oxidized and 99% fades the vehicle’s paint. It is highly difficult to maintain our vehicle hence Ceramic Coating comes to the rescue in which a layer is applied on top of the paint surface due to this we can protect from all environmental hazards and easier to clean.

Nano-Ceramic coating is a pristine clear coat that forms a chemical bond with the vehicle’s paint and this adds an essential value to you vehicle.

This protective coating contains Liquid polymer which generally provides protection to the paint surface from swirl marks, chemical stains and prevent them from bonding with the surface hence making the surface Hydrophobic. Also due to its longevity and abrasion free surface just a swipe with a clean cloth restores that car’s radiant finish.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

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