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Benefits of Car Detailing

When you invest in a car, it’s important to take care of it and protect it from damage, thereby protecting your investment. While general car cleaning and washing is a necessary part of the upkeep of the car, you also need to do some in-depth cleaning. In-depth cleaning involves car detailing – both interior and exterior. Lack of adequate cleaning, especially interior and exterior car detailing, can result in extensive wear and tear of seats, consoles etc, apart from the deterioration of engines and other car machinery. Read on to know the advantages of car detailing:

Wear & Tear – As mentioned above, one of the primary advantages of a detail car wash is that it prevents wear and tear. Interior deep cleaning is especially important to prevent this. The reason is that dust, dirt and grime can accumulate in the seats, consoles and upholstery, which can affect the condition of these components.

Value – Your car is an investment and thus has a resale value. With consistent detailing, you can keep your car clean and safe from damage and also make it look brand new. This boosts the resale value. By detailing your car, your car is protected from damage, which in turn ensures that you can get a good amount when you sell it in the future. 

Safety – Safety is of foremost importance for everyone. If you live in Bangalore, you should definitely opt for a reputed car detailing in Bangalore safety to ensure your safety. This is because exterior car detailing will keep your windows debris-free, thus improving visibility and driving safety.

Fuel Economy – While investing in a car, a primary recurring expense for you will be the fuel costs. Fuel expenses can make a huge dent in your pocket. However, extensively clean vehicles can improve your gas mileage. Car detailing can help your engine perform well and reduce wind resistance, which contributes to lower fuel costs.

Impression – Your car is not just your car but an impression of who you are as a person. A clean car reflects positively on its owner. This is especially important when you are in the line of business which involves directly interacting with clients like sales. Exterior and interior deep cleaning can keep your car looking brand-new and clean for a long time.

A detail car wash is an important part of the holistic upkeep of your car. Apart from the above benefits, car detailing offers several other advantages to keep your car clean and safe. As such, it is essential that you take the guidance of experienced exterior and interior car detailing providers who can detail your car. 

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What is Ceramic Coating?

If you are a car connoisseur like us, then you would be constantly thinking of different ways to keep your car clean and sparkling! Apart from the plain old car cleaning and washing, you should opt for a ceramic coating for your car. Here, the question arises, what is ceramic coating? Ceramic coating is defined as a type of chemical polymer paint that is added to the exterior of a car in a liquid form, to act as an additional layer of protective sealant. Ceramic painting is done by hand and is blended with the existing paint on your car. 

A ceramic coat consists of a combination of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide, which creates a water-repellant chemical bond that acts as a hardening material for cars. Natural materials like quartz and sand add to the high-quality toughness of the ceramic coat sealant.


The advantages of ceramic coating for cars include:

Protection – The primary benefit of ceramic coating is to act as a layer of protection for your car. Chemical contaminants in the air and UV rays can harm your car. A ceramic coat protects the car from oxidising, dulling and other kinds of damage. The nano-coating also protects against scratches.

Cleaning – Another advantage of a ceramic coat is the ease and convenience in cleaning the car. Unlike other services, the ceramic coat blends with the paint, ensuring that it cannot be washed off while cleaning. The smooth surface guarantees that dirt cannot be stuck and water-based grime is directly cleaned off.

Cost-Effective – Ceramic coating for cars is also very cost-effective, especially as compared to waxing. The reason is that ceramic coating is a long-term service. Once it is done, it has a long life and you do not have to get frequent touch-ups, like in the case of waxing. 


The disadvantages of ceramic coating include:

Scratches – While a ceramic coat can protect against some scratches, major scratches, rock chips and swirl marks are not included. The reason is that a ceramic coat blends in with the paint, becoming a part of it and retaining the characteristics of the paint. 

Water Spotting – Ceramic coating is water-resistant. As a result, water-based contaminants just roll off. However, these contaminants leave behind marks, known as water spots. Ceramic coating for cars does not remove these water spots.

Ceramic coating, while not a replacement for PPF or car washes, is an important part of the upkeep of your car. If you are looking for the best ceramic coating service in Bangalore, then we are here to help you. At Custom Kings, we pride ourselves on providing the best ceramic coating for your car, with the help of high-quality products and extensive attention to detail. Contact us to book your assignment.

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5 interesting facts about car washing!

Proper upkeep of your vehicle requires regular car washing and cleaning. Most car owners prefer taking the help of professional car wash services to make their car look brand-new. Check out these interesting facts about car washing!

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All you need to know about Paint Protection Film

As car lovers, we understand the inherent need and importance to protect our cars from external damage and harm. While some damage is inevitable, as a car owner, it would be your responsibility to protect your car as much as possible. Paint protection film is a simple and effective technique to preserve the showroom quality of your vehicle.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film refers to a thin, invisible thermoplastic film that is layered around your car to protect it from scratches, dirt, shrapnel etc while also preserving the brand-new look of the car paint. Most scratch-proof films come with self-healing properties, enabling automatic repair in case of scratches and damage.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film


Most paint protection products have a long life, lasting up to 10 years. A PPF car can thus be protected from large-scale external damage for a long time, saving repair costs in the long-run.


The primary objective of PPF, as the name suggests, is to provide protection. These protective films are made of urethane. Urethane is resistant against acidic substances like mineral deposits, acid rain, bird droppings etc. This provides a high degree of protection.


Probably one of the biggest advantages of scratch-proof film is its self-healing property. The topmost layer of a protective film is made up of elastomeric polymer. This material has the ability to self-heal, automatically protecting the car from minor scratches, bubbles and swirls.

Brand New Look

All car owners want to preserve that glossy look that a new car has. A paint protection film gives a glossy finish, preserving the showroom quality of the vehicle. At Custom Kings, we are car connoisseurs with an inherent love for all thing cars. Our premium PPF service can protect your car from stains, scratches, rust, oxidation, acid and more. Get in touch with us to book your service.