Marketing Ideas For Car Servicing Businesses

The auto servicing business is said to be worth Rs 20,000 crore in India. That is a massive amount of money and competition as well. The emerging industry is busy with repair shops, mechanics & auto accessories waiting for customers.

Fortunately, there are many car enthusiasts globally, and with a little bit of marketing strategy, you can grow your car servicing business exponentially.

Here is the list of marketing ideas for the car servicing business.

Start A Blog To Educate

After you have a website, the easiest way to optimize it is by adding a blog section to attract readers.

Generally, common people have limited knowledge about vehicles & their maintenance. So you can reach more customers with an informative blog with cool topics. You can add infographics, create a news section for auto news, or even a guest blogging option for experts to write specialized blogs.

Check out our blogs section for further inspiration.

Use Emails For Newsletters, Promotions & Thank You Notes

Service industry industries like car servicing or car detailing businesses benefit greatly from keeping a personal touch with the customers. Tailored content like newsletters with helpful advice, a thank you note every time a customer visits your shop will go a long way. 78% believe that businesses that initiate customized content want to have a relationship with them.

Ask For Reviews

Reviews can be extremely beneficial for the service industry. Whether it is a positive review or a negative review, it is always better to have reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Ask your customers for reviews and always respond to them. Chances are 50% of your potential clients will check out the reviews before visiting the place.

Customer Referral & Customer Loyalty Programs

When you have a strong customer base, it can be useful to promote some. An exclusive incentive can be a powerful motivator for customers to simply refer your social media or website pages among their social group.

The same goes for loyalty programs. Some free servicing or an incentive is a great way to show gratitude to your most loyal customers. It works like a ‘special membership’ card, which can be used to earn points for a free car wash or extra discount.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t just exclusive to car servicing businesses. Just like your website, your social media presence tells a lot about your business. Plan out content & post them regularly on your social media pages.

It can be blog links, promotional codes, festive offers, small videos, some pro tips, and so on. An active social media page can increase your customer engagement.

Above everything, though, it is your service’s quality that will make you reach peoples’ doors. Building a connection with your customers is essential by providing them the best of the services available in your shop.

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