Body Shop & Painting

We offer body shop and painting services with expertise unmatched in the repair/refinish industry. We undertake tinkering, dent removal, paint less dent removal, restoration of damaged body parts/panels, painting and custom painting jobs. The Body Shop is where the cars are repaired for body damage and painted to bring it original finish. Tinkering and painting needs a high level of skill and workmanship to get the best finish and durability from the repair. The damages can be various such as deep scratches, dents, rusting, paint peeling off, paint fade, clear coat peeling off etc. Each damage needs a variety of repairs before the actual painting happens.

Car Body Shop Service is inclusive of:

  • Front Side: For Front-side Custom Kings offers premium denting and painting services for the front bumper and front bonnet.
  • Rear Side: For Rear-side Custom Kingsoffers denting and painting services for the rear bumper and boot with 100% colour match.
  • Whole Body: Custom Kings offers superior quality denting and painting service for the whole body of your car. We also offer painting services for your car wheel alloys.
  • Left Side: Custom Kings Denting and Painting services for the left side covers all the left panels of your car such as left fender, left front door, left rear door, left quarter panel and left running board.
  • Right Side: Custom Kings offers premium denting and painting services for the right side of the car. We provide service for right fender, right front door, right rear door, right quarter panel and right running board.
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