Here’s how ceramic coating helps in Retaining the Shine of the Vehicle

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Whether it’s the forces of nature, or sheer bad luck – we all know that nothing stays ‘new’ forever. While Opti-Coat provides the perfect solution to this, here are some of the primary reasons your car’s paint may be fading – along with tips on how you can prevent it.

1. Sunlight – or more accurately, ultra-violet rays from the sun.

The gloss of your car’s paint could literally last forever if you car was kept indoors for 90% of the day – but of course, that’s impossible! The main thing you can do to protect your car from the sun is park it in the shade, and store it in an enclosed garage whenever possible. Opti-Coat’s ceramic coating protects your car from UV damage – so a single Opti-Coat application gives your car paint protection from the sun for a lifetime.

2. Old-fashioned automatic car washes.

These use large, automatically rotating rough plastic brushes that can scuff the surface of your car, causing the top coat of paint to fade. Newer car-washes use gentler foam brushes that do not damage your car’s surface.

3. Oxidization due to salt.

Living by the sea isn’t necessarily glamorous for your car. The salt in the atmosphere can react with the surface of your car to cause oxidization, which corrodes the paint and leads to rust. Regular cleaning of your car helps remove salt coatings, and Opti-Coat’s ceramic coating systems can make your car impervious to oxidization.

4. Acid rain.

Pollutants in the air can lead to rainwater containing a Ph factor that leans towards the acid side of the chemical spectrum.
A car that is exposed to acid rain can fade due to chemical reactions of the rainwater with the paint’s finish. Regular cleaning of your car, along with Opti-Coat’s superior ceramic coating, can protect your car from all sorts of chemical damage.

As car-lovers, we understand that you’ll do your best to keep your car in optimum condition. Along with proper maintenance of your car, an Opti-Coat treatment will ensure that your car is invulnerable to all causes of damage. So your car’s paint stays fresh, shiny, and as beautiful as it was the day you bought it.


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